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Friday, September 30, 2011

Beet Root jalebi

Jalebi is one of the most famous sweets in India. It is devoured all over in India. But this jalebi is unusual as it contains beet root pulp. It gives the jalebis a very unique flavour and colour.

To make beet root pulp please refer my post  Beet root lassi.

                   1/2cup all purpose flour(maida)
                   1&1/2tsp. rice flour
                   1/4tsp.baking powder
                   1/4cup(50ml.) curd
                   1/3cup (8oml.)beet root pulp &water

 Make beet root pulp and blend curd along with it.Add water to make it 130ml.

keep aside.

In another bowl mix flour, rice flour and baking powder.Sift them twice.

                                         slowly add pink liquid and beat well.

                     Batter should be of thickish  consistency. Keep covered for half an hour.
                    After 15 mts. start preparing the sugar syrup, so till the time we make jalebis,
                    the syrup will be hot.

           Ingredients for sugar syrup:
                                                     1/2cup water
                                                     1/2tsp. lemon juice
                                                     1/4tsp.rose essence 

                      Boil sugar and water on high flame untill it comes to a rolling boil (approx.5mts). Add
                      lemon juice and discard the scum float on the top. 

Further boil for 2 to 3 mts.on high flame. Switch off the flame .Add rose essence.

After the batter has rested for half an hour, beat it well. The colour of the batter will change a bit.
Now fill the mixture into the cone or a polythene bag and cut a small portion to drop the batter from. No need to tie the open ends just twist and hold it.

Take a glass and keep the cone inside it. Then turn the open ends onto the brim of the glass.This is the easiest way to fill the cone and keep the cone after each batch of jalebis.

Practise a few circles on a plate. Always start from outside to inside.Continue making  jalebis in a row.

Take special jalebi frying pan.But don't worry if you do not have one just use any shallow frying pan with flat bottom. Fill the pan with oil 1" deep. Keep the heat on medium so you do not burn your jalebis. Squeeze  jalebis into the the frying pan and reduce the flame.

Initially you will notice many bubbles but as jalebis will float on the surface the bubbles start to subside.

Turn the jalebis at this point with the help of  pliers. When the jalebis float above the oil and looks crispy, remove it with pliers and put it into the syrup for about 2 to 3 minutes for crisp jalebis or for 5 to 7 minutes for the softer ones. We can even separate the jalebis with the help of a clean pair of small scissors after turning for the first time.


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